"I’m working in a growing industry – the presentations sector"
(Karl Schiller)

The fact that the talks that speakers and advisors were giving on topics of my own subject area at meetings and public events didn’t correspond to my own beliefs used to surprise me. This sparked my motivation to base topics for talks on my own core competencies and to visually present them on stage while supporting them with practical experience. I always focus on two important goals: to engage with the audience and participants in an authentic manner as well as to convey reliable knowledge.

On this page, you’ll find a few titles of talks and workshops, including several illustrations of presentations I’ve presented either at trade fairs and conferences or in different companies. My topics are usually based on both my own experience as well as scientifically-sound data. Whenever I’m able to combine both, I’m working with enthusiasm on developing talks or workshops on specific issues.

Wake me up! I didn’t know I was lost in MICE

Tiny Offices

A sensible addition to modern workspaces?!

More about this talk...

Welcome to the Jungle

MICE-online distribution

When they digitize a fucking process, they have a fucking digital process

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What do event planners expect from the hotel industry?

Marketing of cultural real estate in the event sector

The alchemy of MICE portals

In search of the Philosopher's Stone.

Advertising change in the catering industry

How many marketing channels can the restaurateur still master today?

Creation and introduction of an event policy

MICE market in Germany

Status Quo | Future | MICE and Business Travel

Back to the Future

Outlook on the organization and strategic purchasing of events

Affiliate Management

The key to quality assurance of events

Associations vs. Companies

Similarities and differences in event planning

The MICE market

An update

Green TMS

Detailed recording of CO2 emissions

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